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Art of Color

using the color red to lead our art direction

entry no. 12

This project was a mix of Post Modern's feelings about the track and our thoughts on color. We felt it needed to be subtly violent and red, and Matty, PM’s vocalist, lead the way with props based off this direction. The video didn’t need to drive a story home but be more artistic and visually fun to watch. Mixing full band, creative light effects, simple camera movement and the bloody visuals made this one of our favorite projects.

After deciding on the general art direction, Josh thought this video could be fun to film in a more continuous way leaving the band in seemingly a jam session, as if you were peaking in on them. With this idea in mind we needed to keep lighting out of frame, leave the floor open for camera framing which had us rigging the lights from above. In total, we only filmed three takes until we got what we needed of the band. The DJI Ronin M supplemented the camera work easily with the Canon 7d mkii. Originally, we chose this set up to stay light and utilize the autofocus, but we didn’t love the focus changes throughout our first take, so we switched to a deep 7.1 aperture and set it at about 10’ from lens. This simple set up worked so well and allowed us to work without our typical AC role.

In addition to the full band, we set up a white seamless back drop for the concept shots and mixed fake blood and covered the vocalist for solo shots. Going for a high key set up here and mixing the blood element in balanced out the drama well and broke the film up for a more exciting edit. On top of this we mixed in the flowers for a more artsy vibe and incorporated the blood with those as well. One of our favorite shots was suspending the flowers with fishing line. We shot these shots on the Canon 6d with a 100mm macro lens for maximum detail.

From a lighting standpoint, we juxtaposed band shots with darker tones on a wider lens against concept stuff with macro lensing and high key lighting. We used the standard KinoFlo Gaffer kit and two KinoFlo Select 20’s and hung them from above, running the power to all the ballast behind a large black seamless backdrop. On the dark points of the song, PA J.R. would switch between presets on the KS’s, while G+E Drew, randomly switched the power and bulbs on the Gaffer kit. This extra step added a little extra dynamic to the whole band performance. Our last touch was adding a ton of haze to the scene which helped illuminate and raise the exposure since we were shooting at a deep aperture.

This production contains everything we love about a project. It has some of our favorite camera motions, beautiful lighting and a concept that played out nicely in the edit.

Enjoy the full video below.


Josh Emerick | Cinematographer + Editor

Drew Hiles | G&E

J.R. Brewer | Light FXs PA

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