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Alex Retianu, Bass + Vocals

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Sean Divine, Guitar

"They excel at so many things; it's almost scary.

The amount of planning they put into every project is unmatched.

It's comforting to see how much they care about the project

and how every single detail is thought out well before the shoot date."

liberty deep down
Dominic Frissora, Vocals

Easily the best experience I've ever had while making a music video. I love the dedication to their craft; JECP always puts 100% into everything they do. The results were great, and the team was such a pleasure to work with, bringing positive attitudes and a solid work ethic.

Chris Weatherington, Guitar

It was a fantastic experience to trust JECP and let them take our idea and

make it into something incredible.

From the start, Josh and Ross hopped on a call with our entire team

to discuss our vision, goals, and ideas

for the video that was new for us.

Honestly, it can be terrifying to hand over your project to someone else and trust that they "get it." The entire time we worked with JECP, we felt comfortable.

Even in one small instance where we were unsure of an idea,

Josh and Ross took the extra time to explain it thoroughly to where we ended up

loving the vision, and it turned into our best-received video to date.

Josiah Myers, Vocals

Very fun and personable.
In doing the "Ohio" music video, they brought concrete ideas to the table creatively and effortlessly.

Alejandro Guerrero, Guitar

"The amount of content that we got to go with our music video was what sold me,

which took our release to the next level.

The coaching on set helped break us out of our shells and give our best performance.

The JECP guys are fantastic, and I recommend you every chance I get."

JD Walker, Drums

It's hard to pinpoint just one area of excellence, honestly, but the most crucial aspect they excel at is the final product's quality. JECP has always been easy to work with and extremely professional. On top of being that, they are the best production team in the game! 


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