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The video industry is full of free work, paying dues, and often feeling like you wasted your time. We've felt that pain and make it an effort to grow freelancers into roles and advise where possible. This approach has created a win-win scenario for both sides. Empowering our freelancers with more information, clarity, and making our work culture fulfilling has been the foundation of our leadership.

We aren't just looking for freelancers to grow JECP projects, but often bring in talent running their projects. We believe a healthy, more equipped, and confident, creative community can raise the bar for the Ohio market and contribute to more frequently positive experiences.

It's about more than tools, skills, and tech. We look for three-dimensional freelancers who understand attitude plays a large role. We started as nobody's with little to no technical skills, mostly relying on the passion for the craft and a mission to create the best projects for our clients. This paved the way to who we are today and our contributions to the filmmaking community.

So with a positive attitude, understanding of our company culture, and pairing in tools and skills, it makes up what we consider three-dimensional teams.

What can you expect from JECP?
Clear communication
Shared information
Well prepared productions
Clarity of roles and responsibilities
On and off-set learning
A healthy relationship

What do we expect of you?
Passion and care for our projects
Can-do attitude
Open-minded communication
Respect for our time


JECP | helping tomorrow's freelancers



"When JECP brought me on as a Production Assistant, I was given the opportunity to contribute to team-driven projects again. Josh has been a phenomenal leader, utilizing team members' strengths and passions to further their chosen pathway. There is genuine care for the people and positively impacting their lives and careers. 
Not only have I gained a deeper understanding of video productions and the technical challenges surrounding them, and how to solve them, but I have also developed a deep appreciation for the level of attention and care to each project, especially in comparison to my experience with other videographers.



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