How much does a music video cost?

Each project varies, which is why we start every project with a phone/video consultation. Here we dive into the project, goals and overview of our artists. This gains us the information to guide our artists to the correct package or make professional suggestions.

Do you only work with Ohio Artists?

No! We have broght several artists from out of state, as well as travel to many artists. Designing sucessful productins can happen many ways. This is why we start each project with a meeting. Handling logistics is often a team effort and starts with sharing info.

What are deliverable assets?

While many other's in the music video feild deliver single films, we build our projects with a variety of assets from the music video, on set promos, BTS photo and Video, Stills, Teasers and GIF's. This approach keeps our artists release plans more diverse, which leads to better engagement and success for both JECP and the artist.

How long does post production take?

This varies from project type, but our more traditional packages are around 30 days. Multi-film campaigns are usually a bit longer, but we also have simple projects that can turn around as fast as 5 days. When we consult, we dive into more details around the project and plan for post. We've been known to hit fast deadlines, given we're informed and can plan for them.

What does a project timeline look like?

Another question that varies, but in a best case scenario we enjoy have 2 weeks to prep, 1-2 days on production and 2-3 weeks in post. Obviously depeendent on the idea, but the sooner the conversation happen, the easier it is to plan and coordinate all the variables of production planning.

Are payment plans avaialble?

Yes! Most projects breakdown into a 25/50/25 payment plan, but for long-term clinets we also offer retainer packages which are popular for full album visual campaigns. The common 25/50/25 option is broken down by 25% due on signing, additoinal 50% by production date and the remaining 25% on a net 30. Both options are billed via PayPal Invoicing so artists have the option to pay via PayPal, PP financing, Credit card, Cash, Check and in incremental payments.