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Introducing the Evolved Artists Podcast: Elevating Music Marketing for Artists

Are you ready to put your thinking cap on?

Artwork for the Evolved Artists show, a music marketing podcast to help musicians grow their craft, take marketing more serious and become successful artists.

The journey to building JECP has always been filled with more than music videos. So we ask ourselves, how can we best help our artists? For years we've had incredible conversations with our artists and learned much about filmmaking, the industry, common pain points, and anything in between. We want more people to benefit from these conversations and expand themselves than just our clients. We're a mission-driven brand, and our goal is to evolve artists through growth, confidence, and feeling more focused, specifically in marketing efforts.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest endeavor in supporting artists and enhancing their marketing strategies: the Evolved Artists Podcast! This is a music marketing podcast. As a longstanding platform dedicated to empowering musicians, this new podcast will be a valuable resource for artists looking to take their careers to new heights.

In late 2022 we started playing with the idea and planning out the show. The realization hit us that we see sharing information as a responsibility. We know we can't work with everyone. We also understand we don't know it all, but we have a unique perspective and have helped many of our artists over the years. Evolved Artists is our attempt at helping at scale, putting ourselves out there more, and creating more resources for free that artists can utilize. This show aims to inspire and give artists the confidence to tackle creative services, marketing, and sustainability head-on.

Below you can listen to episode one, "Welcome to the Show." We have the first 10 episodes released, and they span areas from why to have your website, learning to love social media, why our demo reel sucked, how to budget a music video, and choosing the right director. We went into this show with strategy in mind and giving short and quickly actionable information. We treated season one as a training season for artists to expand their thinking, refresh themselves, and take immediate steps toward a more professional career.

E1: Welcome to the Show

At its core, the Evolved Artists Podcast is all about taking action. While it covers a wide range of inspiring ideas, the primary focus is on actionable steps musicians can implement to improve their marketing efforts. The landscape is ever-changing, and trends are aimlessly chased, but we're here to give a more robust foundation, the guide to managing your story, and take control of your vision, with or without a partner like JECP. We invite listeners to think differently, break free from the status quo, and pave their paths to success.

In short, Evolved Artists Podcast encourages artists to shift from a fixed mindset to a growth-oriented perspective. It offers a unique opportunity to zoom out and gain a broader perspective on their artistic journey. We understand the challenges that artists face when marketing their music effectively. The podcast was created to serve a message at scale and on the artist's time.

The Evolved artist podcast artwork that showcases behind the scenes filmmaking moments, marketing energy and creative execution
Evolved Artists: A Music Marketing Podcast presented by JECP

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Thank you for being part of our community and joining us on this exciting next step. Whether you are an emerging artist seeking guidance or an established band looking to refine your approach, the Evolved Artists Podcast supports you. Join Ross and Josh as they share their wealth of knowledge and provide practical advice that can transform your marketing efforts.

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