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Creating the flu

Feverwar case study: Permanent Fix music video

entry no. 17

Long-time friends, Feverwar, trust us when it comes to our strategy, abilities, and approach to projects. With that, it makes the whole process smooth, more effective and collaborative. That's the real benefit of working with a band for four years and knowing their needs. So with creating the "Flu" we naturally made that happen with ease.

With their EP, Piss Poor, it deals with addiction, working through those struggles and reflecting on past tribulations. We wanted to celebrate this period in a more playful way that was both creative, high key and new territory for FW.

To start we've always felt Feverwar was the perfect band to carry energy into a tripod scenario. We love strong locked off shots and wanted a video that lets them keep the viewer's attention vs the camera doing a lot of the work. We wanted everything in the video to feel simple, so the viewer could focus on the bands energy and the art direction. With that we also gave the look a more high key vibe and toned the storyline down, into a more downer vibe, as it progressed. This let the lighting tell a story along with the characters obvious make up changes, symbolizing the effects of drugs physically as well as mentally. Fun, but real, was the goal.

With this in mind, we wanted a fake powder drug. With a little borrowed inspiration from Breaking Bad we came to this pink powder, referred to as the Flu. This was used in their social media strategy leading up to the songs release and pink was a prominent color used for the drug as well as the lead characters.

For us it's these small, intricate details that let us really plan a project for the biggest impact on the day of production. This leads everything into release with the biggest splash. Taking the video a step further we wanted to use a more 70-80's feel with the split screen editing. Not only fun, but it let more things play out for the video and followed with our previous video, RHEKTT's, editing style. We love bringing those small things together for a more full video catalog.

From a technical standpoint, this is the most expensive light design in JECP history. We wanted something that felt like high fashion for a filthy rock band, juxtaposing what a viewer would expect of the genre. We used a Kurve 6' parabolic with a joker as the key. It let us really pop talent and gave them great eye light. The background was lit with two Kino Flo 4 banks and two Kino Flo Select 20's. The talent had two Quasar bi-color set to daylight as soft rims on their left and for cab fill and their rear right was a Source Four LED through a single scrim for a harder edge. Lastly, we added a 4x8 solid black to their right for negative fill. Results we extremely pretty lighting. With the tripod challenge in mind we actually locked off two points and marked the floor and height so we could match each members shot. With the help of our Small HD monitor and its screen capture feature we got everything lined up in camera so post production was just about the edit and color. Felt like a really well rounded strategy that proved effective for a fast day on set.

This project is beautiful, but more importantly, let us further build the Feverwar brand, our relationship with them and got us in new territory with long wanted ideas.


Ross Theisen | Director + Art

Josh Emerick | Producer, Cinematographer + Editor

Matty McClelland | Grip + Gaff

J.R. Brewer | BTS Film + PA

Powered by + shot at Ohio HD



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