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Getting to Know JECP: Empowering Musicians through Creative Partnerships

What a journey we've been on with many artists over the years. It's been an honor for us.

Welcome to JECP, a video production company based in Ohio specializing in music videos. We've been building healthy relationships with artists since 2012, realizing the correlation between trust and the best creative output. Music videos are like the wild west in terms of video production. Why?

Music videos are such an experimental medium. Also, the music industry needs more accountability. So a big goal of ours has been supporting the growth of artists by being thought leaders, process professionals, and leading with relationships at the front over being creative geniuses. We believe a great experience goes even further than the most creative video that doesn't put the artists first.

So what makes us so different?

We aren't playing around.

We're here to stay.

I'm Josh Emerick, the founder of JECP, and I started this company with a vision to provide artists with the support they deserve. We thrive on working with musicians who take their craft seriously and value the collaborative process.

Listen, I love being creative, but I know my place. We're great in a supportive role, which lends Itself to working with musicians. The truth is musicians already have a story playing in their heads. The emotions and place most songs come from are personal. We're here to help guide the process, not take it over. We work together time after time to make the best ideas come to life.

So what brought you here?

Probably one seemingly simple question.

How much does a music video cost?

Believe me; there's complexity here. If you've read this far, I hope you'll read a little further. I'll work to answer a better question.

What value can a good partner bring to your career?

I. We're a Relationship-focused Business

At JECP, strong relationships are the cornerstone of our work. Trust is the foundation that leads to exceptional collaboration and outstanding results. When artists trust us, they are more open to sharing their vision, ideas, and aspirations. This collaboration sparks creativity, and we can create something truly remarkable together.

How do we know this? We have the data to prove it.

In our early years, we made lots of mistakes. Creativity was a huge driver, and we found this led us towards many early failures and disappointments for ourselves and our clients, but we wanted to stay focused on our goals. So what did we find out? Better creativity had a direct connection to the quality of the relationship we built.

About Us Film: JECP the Music Video Makers

Trust is earned.

There's no other way around it.

A common theme with our favorite projects and best clients was that they all started with a meeting. We got to know each other. We learned about a project's goals and the stakes of getting this thing right. We would answer that "how much does a music video cost" question with a straightforward price. This led both parties down the wrong path. Sometimes we quoted too much, and clients overpaid; most times, we needed more budget once we talked creatively.

So this is why we emphasize relationship-focused meetings. It's to get clear about the goals. Your results from the start and the parameters we can build within let us work towards common goals together.

The truth that we both know. Your dollars matter. Building in budget-focused conversations keeps the project rooted in realistic and accomplishable expectations. We've worked with a variety of budgets and clients. A budget is just a resource to solve problems, starting with a conversation.

I love learning about artists and their projects. If you're curious, grab a spot on my calendar, and we can chat ;)


"It was a fantastic experience to trust JECP and let them take our idea and make it into something incredible. From the start, Josh and Ross hopped on a call with our entire team to discuss our vision, goals, and ideas for the video, which was new for us. Honestly, it can be terrifying to hand over your project to someone else and trust that they "get it." The entire time we worked with JECP, we felt comfortable. Even in one small instance where we were unsure of an idea, Josh and Ross took the extra time to explain it thoroughly to where we ended up loving the vision, and it turned into our best-received video to date."

-Chris Wethington of Softspoken


II. The JECP Experience

When you work with JECP, you're not just hiring a video production company; you're entering into an experience designed to empower you as an artist. We pride ourselves on our conversational and empathetic style. We understand the challenges and ambitions of growing musicians and are here to support you every step of the way. We take the time to understand your unique story, allowing us to create videos that authentically reflect your identity and resonate with your audience.

Creativity without a plan is an idea waiting to fail.

Truthfully we feel pretty confident this is where we excel the most. We are big planners. We love being efficient and understand how impactful time is to reach the results of a project. If we can shoot faster, be more direct, and get the best performance, we can do more with your budget, so we plan like no other.

This has helped us execute more significant creative ideas and batch-produce content. Each project has different goals, but we listen before we advise. We've given the saying "information is power" a facelift by adding information is only powerful when it's quickly and clearly shareable. We invite our crew and artists into the mix, so we all have the same objectives. This helps build confidence on set, momentum through each day, and makes for a team setting project after project. After all, music videos should be fun. A fun experience starts with a plan with that in mind.

How JECP Nailed our Music Video -- Kenzie Coyne Testimony

III: Our Mission & Core Values

By being consistent, persistent, and dependable while treating people as people, we will deliver great experiences for both our clients and team, showcasing JECP as an example of great leadership in creativity, business practices, and community building, ultimately leading to return customers, great word of mouth, and earning a positive reputation for care for our craft, service, and industry.

This mission statement holds us accountable, guides each interaction, and, hopefully, impacts the music industry for the better.

It all starts with listening.

Our Values Series -- Being a good listener

Our core values—Curious, Honest, and Supportive—are at the heart of everything we do. Curiosity drives our desire to learn and understand our clients, their music, and their goals. This curiosity fosters a collaborative, transparent communication style that builds trust and healthy relationships. We ask questions, seek insights, and embrace new ideas to create exceptional videos. Curiosity is our cheat code for building trust and better projects smarter than most.

What's great about building that trust is it allows us to be honest. Honesty is vital in our creative process. We know that not every idea is a winner, and that's okay. We believe in providing honest feedback, even when it means challenging ideas or exploring new directions. Through this honest exchange, we uncover the best ideas and achieve remarkable outcomes.

Honesty pairs nicely with our views on accuracy, and its place in production. Getting it right in the early phases feels like we're moving slowly, but it pays off when we can all move quicker, more intelligently, and have fun in the process because we have such a high degree of trust.

Again compounding forward, we land on Supportive. Supportiveness is the final piece of the puzzle. We are here to support our clients throughout their artistic journey. Our commitment to support goes beyond the confines of a project. We genuinely care about our client's success and are invested in their growth. We celebrate their achievements and provide ongoing guidance and mentorship.

Additionally, we understand that if we do a great job, we win over the same support. We have landed so much of our work from past clients' referrals and continued the relationship for years with multiple projects where the magic happens. We believe in that overused win-win-win scenario saying.

IV: We're Givers

A lot has changed from the early years. We've upgraded gear, learned new techniques, and make some dang pretty videos, but one thing has remained the same.

We are here to help artists grow.

You may be ready for a project now or maybe two years from now; either way, we are committed to helping you as a potential client or a free resource. Our philosophy is to give. We don't gatekeep.

So how can we help you?

Here are a few resources to learn more about us, methods that have helped our clients, and supportive material to make an informed decision before that kick-off call ;)

Evolved Artists Podcast

Everyone has a podcast, we get it, but we've designed our show to be more of a tool than a show. Over the years, artists have brought us the same questions time and time again. We're using each episode to answer these questions at scale and ultimately earn more trust. We dive into music videos, but it's mainly around the journey and hurdles we see musicians have and how we can help through planning, art direction, and marketing.

We recommend "Ep 2: Tune-Up with the Theme Doctors" as a starting place, where we dive into how we use theme to strengthen our artist's ideas. It's a great peak into our process and would give a strong feel for how we can work together best.

Frequently Asked Questions Series

Everyone has questions, and we've packaged our FAQs to be easily ingested so you can get to know us. We often refer people here at the start so they can get a feel for us before booking a discovery call. We cover many topics, including budget, planning, payment plans, etc.

The JECP Blog

We've never felt the final videos express themselves well enough, so we've been writing about projects for years. It's been an excellent way for us to meet passionate artists like ourselves who take their careers seriously. We cover technical details, ideologies, behind-the-scenes projects and celebrate our clients. If you're a learner like us, we definitely encourage you to check out a few of our favorites. You can join the Blog here and never miss an entry if you dig them.

Top 3 Favorites

Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Who doesn't love behind the scenes? We document most projects. It's been so fun seeing the business grow and the team evolve, and we love when clients are interactive. We have a variety of projects over the years; you can see our team in action. Again this is a great place to start and see what goes into our production and who we are. Oddly enough, we don't take ourselves too seriously, and while we emphasize planning, our BTS showcases the feeling of what working the plan looks like. Kill some time; watch a few.

In Dying Arms BTS Film -- Link to the full playlist here

Our Demo Reel

Lastly, the old demo reel. We rarely lead with this for so many reasons, but we're including it because I suppose we have to. You can see all of our "coolest" projects and "pretty" footage, but remember, these videos are the result of great relationships with amazing clients who trust us. We named it "Built by Artists" intentionally. We see ourselves as artists physically building the work because every artist who invests in us helps build JECP to its next level. We take art, reputation, and this industry seriously. Enjoy the reel.

V: Closing Out

At JECP, we are more than a video production company. Our passionate team of creatives is dedicated to empowering musicians through our expertise and genuine support. Our strong relationships with artists, built on trust, curiosity, honesty, and support, have driven our success. We invite you to book a discovery call to learn about each other, discuss your project, and see how we can help each other.

Let's evolve together.


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