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Don't Waste Your Budget: BTS with JECP & Obsidian Mind's Partnership.

Every artist has a vision, a dream, and a budget. Sometimes, these three don't always align, and that's where we step in. Imagine the pressure of wanting to produce a music video masterpiece but facing financial constraints? At JECP, this is the big problem we solve time and time again, making light hurdles and spinning to be a win for all. It really drives us project after project.

A History Fraught with Challenges

When it comes to music video production, the intersection of creative ambition and budgetary constraints is a familiar battleground. Our history with Obsidian Mind offers a poignant illustration, but this story is not unique to them. Many artists navigate the murky waters of budgetary limits, often leading to deferred dreams and compromised visions. The big question is which is more important, your budget or your idea?

We challenge this by building great ideas within budgets. It's not either or.

Several years ago, we had talks with Obsidian Mind and a really ambitious music video. We were immediately gripped by their enthusiasm and the potential of what we could create together. However, like many artists in the industry, initial ambitions would often outpace the allocated budget. Our project was put on pause. It happens, and that's okay.

In our early years, these situations were particularly challenging. How do you retain the essence of a grand vision when resources are limited?

Fast-forward a few years, and this challenge became a catalyst for growth at JECP. We learned to present dual paths: one that embraces the grandeur of bigger ideas and another more scaled-back, yet never compromising on quality. We recognized that what makes a music video "good" isn't budget but intention. We often approach each project with an art director and marketing mindset. We want content to interconnect, build upon one another, and feel consistent for the audience.

Big or small budget doesn't affect this other than having more or less resources to work with. Some ideas take more, and others take less, but if it's out of alignment with the creative direction, it's all for nothing. We are learners first. The better we know our artist's vision, the better the creative we can craft, hence why relationship matters more than budget.

In the intervening years, we've become adept at this balancing act. While we were well-versed in this nuanced approach five years ago, today, we're even more equipped. Our mantra is clear: help artists, whether operating on a shoestring budget or a more lavish one, achieve their dreams. We advocate for iterative growth, believing that every project, big or small, lays the foundation for the next.

It's gratifying when everything aligns perfectly. But the real joy? It's in the journey, the challenges, the learnings, and in witnessing an artist's growth. We're in this together, incrementally building towards greatness. And for every artist who chooses to embark on this journey with us, we're endlessly grateful.

Turning Constraints into Strengths

So, what to do with a limited budget? Instead of sprawling set designs, large crews, and expensive props, we dialed back. We worked with what was available, honing in on strategic planning, renting the right tools, and optimizing a location already accessible to the band. This wasn't about cutting corners; it was about intelligent creativity. It meant ensuring the video design synced beautifully with the existing artwork Obsidian Mind had for 'The Sound of Hunger.' So, this video was primarily focused on making a high-energy performance video that showcases them. This is our Signature Performer Package, which you can view here.

But beyond just a music video, we pride ourselves on our 'deliverables system.' With over a hundred deliverables in their arsenal, from teasers and BTS photos to stills, Obsidian Mind had everything they needed to build a crescendo of anticipation for the project's release. The deliverables are where the real magic comes into play. The "best" technical music video can still fall flat. Still, our ecosystem of deliverables gives our clients the confidence to market themselves creatively from pre-release to post-release follow-up.

BTS Video for the Project | Filmed by Drew Hiles & Edited by Jenna Van Kley

The Ripple Effect

The result? Obsidian Mind saw a surge of hype around their release, a phenomenon they hadn't experienced quite like this before. Success in marketing isn't just about the views or likes; it was about genuine growth, new followers, and cementing a confident future for the band. John from Obsidian Mind encapsulated it perfectly, sharing how the project prompted them to up their marketing game and create a website for the band. This project wasn't just a one-off; it was a catalyst for evolution. For us at JECP, there's nothing more gratifying than witnessing our clients evolve and thrive. Needless to say, we're so proud of these guys.

Our Parting Notes

Obsidian Mind's collaboration reminds us of our core mission at JECP: evolving artists. Their journey symbolizes many we've taken with talented individuals, aiming to enhance not just their visuals but their professional careers as musicians. The music industry is a challenging realm, and our dedication lies in bolstering artists' confidence in marketing and self-presentation.

Our ultimate triumph? Seeing artists leave our fold with a renewed belief in their marketability. This is not just about videos but about nurturing growth, self-assurance, and resilience. To all artists we've partnered with: Thank you for trusting and growing with us. Our mission to evolve artists continues... one story at a time.

Key Takeaways
  • Challenges can be opportunities in disguise.

  • Thoughtful planning and creativity can turn constraints into strengths.

  • Beyond the main product, the deliverables system can be a game-changer for artists.

  • Genuine relationships and trust between client and producer are the bedrock of successful projects.


Josh Emerick | Director, Producer & Editor

Noah Hines | Director of Photography

Drew Hiles | Production Support & BTS Photo & Video

Jenna Van Kley | BTS Video Edit

OHD Studios | Gear Rentals

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