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evolved artist club


Subscription model

These packages are reserved for our serious partners. We call this the Evolved Artist Club. Our club is best used for long-term efforts, ranging from multiple videos & content creation with connection in mind.  This subscription model lets us move beside our partners with more strategy sessions, ownership, and ease into bigger projects.






We understand the challenge of sharing your art and navigating marketing. Every artist has a unique story and objectives, which can be daunting and time-consuming. The Evolved Artist Club is not just a subscription plan - it's a strategic partnership designed to alleviate the hurdles of unplanned, last-minute projects and convert your whiteboard of ideas into a strategic roadmap of compelling visual content. We're here to help you plan proactively, manage budgets, and tell your story the way it deserves to be told, connecting with your fan base.

With 'The Evolved Artist Club,' your whiteboard of dreams and our expansive menu of options converge to create visual stories that resonate. Think of us as seasoned chefs ready to craft, cook, and present your art to your audience, utilizing a method that's as strategic as it is creative.

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Unlock  Strategic Storytelling Benefits

The Evolved Artist Club means unlocking:

Strategic Alignment: Your stories are mapped to your creative goals.

Budget Efficiency: Predictable budgeting that maximizes every dollar.

Time Management: Scheduled, batch-produced content for optimal efficiency.

Creative Excellence: Award-winning production quality, every time.

Proactive Partnership: Regular strategic sessions to keep your storytelling on track.

real impact for real artists


"As an independent band, our biggest obstacle is funding. JECP helped solve this concern by offering long-term, flexible payment plans and tiered content packages that worked within our budget while producing quality content. This allowed us to drive an active social media campaign, building hype for our album release and extending its life cycle.


They are genuinely interested in knowing what drives their clients and spending the time necessary to build a healthy relationship."


—  Seth Holt

  • How Much does a Music Video Cost?
    Your budget matters and time after time we've worked with artists to meet their desires, reach their goals and make it happen within a healthy budget. Our approach to budgeting has helped us build great projects and manage expectations and we have a number of ways to help mange resources to maximize your budget. The below video goes a bit deeper! In short, each project is drastically different so the first step to working with us is booking a Discovery call. Here we dive into the project, goals and overview of our artists. This gains us the information to guide our artists to the correct package or make professional suggestions.
  • What is a Discovery Call?
    Most artist feel unclear about their investment and it's hard to give over their vision to another creator. Discovery Calls have been a part of our process since 2015, so both parties feel clear, confident and excited about the project. We aren't mind readers and you aren't video professionals (more than likely), so the discovery call lets us collaborate towards clear problems and solutions for your project. These calls are to test the water, ensuring you like us and we like you, get a sense of the project you're envisioning and we guide you through a framework to make sure we gather enough information to present you options to work with us. It's not all or nothing. Agenda Shared Stories Stakes Timeline Budget Partnership Expectations
  • Do we offer Payment Plans?
    Yes and this is such a common pain-point for artists. We've worked to reduce this, create flexibility and most importantly remove stress from collaborating. Our main focus is making art you are proud of and various payment plans have helped us support artists in enjoying the process. The real nuts and bolts of it all is we offer a few different payment structures that work for all parties. For projects under $4k we do a 50/50 Plan. 50% due upon signing with us and 50% due by production since all resources are front loaded and these projects cut fast. Between $4k-$10k we run our traditional 25/50/25 Plan. 25% is due upon signing with us, an additional 50% is due by the production and the last 25% is due on a net 45 from the production date. This is where roughly 80% of our projects land through each year and is our most common plan. In the $10k-$20k range we offer both 6-month and 9-month payment plans. 25% is due on signing a project and then it's 5 or 8 equal monthly payments and we schedule around the 50-75% mark of payment received. $20k+ we offer a 12-Month payment plan. These breaks total campaign price into 12 equal payments. These are traditionally for campaign style projects with multi-film and larger volume. These campaigns are reserved for our existing clients only. We will never start here as we want creative trust and confidence before we ramp up the stakes. These campaigns become valuable once we have enough touch points to create more rhythm. All invoicing is managed through Dubsado which creates payment portals and allows you to pay via PayPal, Square, Credit or Debt and a variety of other forms. It simplifies payment so we can stay focused on creating.
  • When is a Good Time to Inquire About a Project?
    The best answer is earlier than you think. Reactive planning is the death of most bands. Basically once you start shaping some ideas for your project and getting a feel for what you want to do is a great time. We work to make ideas possible, manage your release timeline and deliver accurately. A big part of the planning phase is timing. We want to make all of our artists feel loved through the process. Rushing crushes that feeling and adds stress. Additionally, we can't accept every project these days. The past few years we've been working with roughly 10 artists a year and producing multiple projects per client vs. finding new project after new project. We usually have 2-4 open spots a year, so we are accepting new clients, but we have to make sure all things aligned before we bring a new artist into our roster.
  • Are There Ways JECP Saves Artists Money?
    We love saving musicians money. It was where we began our journey. These days we do charge more than our counterparts if you look at the total cost, but the ROI and deliverables are the sweet spot and where we save artists money and create sustainability. It's all in the deliverables. When we all gain clarity around the project it starts making more sense. For example rather than paying $5k for one video, it tends to make a lot more sense to increase a budget to $12k and batch produce 2 videos, shoot behind the scenes and use the budget to export teasers, stills, gifs and other various content so we can support three phases of release. Pre-release and post release are more essential than the release day. Additionally we love a challenge. We've become a brand that does more than creative work, we develop your story points and organize schedules and resources to do what no other creative team can do. This is where the magic and long-term savings comes into play. We've taken one single production for clients and shot them a years worth of content so they can start scheduling and planning, becoming proactive and get ahead with their marketing goals. It all starts with a Discovery Call.
  • What Can You Expect in Deliverables?
    Project to project we relentlessly over deliver. Our commitment is to help artists evolve and feel confident in marketing efforts. We see our work beyond a music video and more as a toolset for our artists to keep showing up for their fans. So rather than thinking we need a music video we try to create a more campaign style det of deliverables project to project. Lite Project 1 Music Video 1 Deliverable Traditional MV Campaign 1 Music Video 2 Teasers 20 Stills 10 GIFs 33 Deliverables High-Volume Campaign 2 Music Videos 3 Teasers per Video (6) 20 Stills per Video (40) 10 GIFs per Video (20) 6 Matching Promos 60+ BTS Photos 134 Deliverables Custom Campaign 3-4 Music Videos 3 Teasers per Video (9-12) 1 Band Story Film or 20 + TikTok Style Micros 20 Stills per Video 10 GIFs per Video 12 Matching Promos 100+ BTS Photos + Video 200+ Deliverables
  • Does JECP Work with Out of State Artists?
    Yes and we recommend it! We have brought several artists from out of state, as well as traveled to many artists. Designing successful productions can happen many ways. This is why we start each project with a meeting. Handling logistics is often a team effort and starts with sharing info. The benefits of Ohio. We have a really great production partner OHD studios in our back yard as well as many creatives we've built trusting relationships with over the years. Why is this important? It lets us scale up or down and not compromise quality or experience. Additionally Ohio has many resources that the bigger productin hubs like NYC, LA and Atlanta, but with a less premium cost. Ohio being a commercial focused state, music videos become a love for any creative to recharge creative juices. Travel to you is a possibility, but producing becomes the hurdle and we ask for more collaboration. Over the years we've built relationships beyond Ohio and into other states so we have the capability to crew up directly or connect you with another person on our roster in another state. We consistently trying to grow relationships and build smarter productions for our artists.
  • What is a Healthy Music Video Budget?
    There's such a range in production budgets for artists and at the end of the day budget represents the resources we have to make those dollars become impactful. Our concept is idea vs. budget. Neither is right or wrong, but some artists put a premium on their vision and are willing to spend more to meet their goals, where other artists are more budget focused and we need to create an idea that lives within the budget available. We start each conversation trying to figure out what works best for both parties to work for now and in the future!
  • Does JECP Work with 1st Time Artists?
    Yes, we call this birthing a project. We started getting inquiring for this exact process after we launched Post Modern back in 2015 and built a bunch of early success for the band. We love taking artists through this process and helping them launch with confidence. It's a ton of up front work and starts slow, but after launch things really fuel and we see huge transformations in our artists confidence. It's the best feelings for our team.
  • What does a project timeline look like?
    A few variables come into play. It's project scope dependent, but something we go over in the discovery call and proposal phase of every project. It's important we meet expectations, but also have proper time to deliver consistent results. Our reputation is on the line. Pre-Production Post-Production Ultimately we set this together to manage the payment schedule, resources and collections, team, talent and client schedules and other varied logistics!


We work to create a partnership over being a vendor.

We want a stake in our artist's success project to project.

Our emphasis on marketing is on long-term, consistent video that interconnects and strengthens our artists.


This helps us build more sustainable artists and leads to our win-win-win scenario goals.

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