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Our humble beginnings haven't changed all that much and we think that's a good things.

In the beginning we were just eager to make art and couldn't believe anyone would pay us. Over time that art has shifted from our self needs to supporting artists more and more, providing as much value as we can. This has been crucial in allowing us to stick around and make a name for ourselves.

Musicians have so much passion and drive for making their art. That feeling and the conversations around the emotions in music has been a big part of what has continued to drive us and give us more responsibility to creating great music videos. Music Videos are such an experimental medium and that's both great and a little scary.

While we want videos to look beautiful, we also understand they have to connect and the start of connection is understanding our artist better, relaying their feelings into a treatment and making the process collaborative. When this happens results happen. It's not an accident and not an exact science. Its conversations and adding value where we can.

For us we're grateful for all the artists who trust us on our journey and empower us to make great art. This line of work has been difficult, but each step has been really enjoyable in the same breath.

Thanks for tuning in and supporting us in anyway. We're eager to see what the future provides and how we can keep evolving artists.

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