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From a data standpoint, this campaign stands out just due to sheer volume, however, what made Midge Robie such an enticing artist was made evident from our discovery call with them.

This newer hip-hop group was undeniable talent, but once they shared a bit about how they were positioning the group all the pieces started falling together organically. The song Kylie has everything we love in the modern genre of artists, meshing influences, but we had a unique angle with the two artists borrowing their names from older actors/characters from classic cinema.

Each character represents different ideas and they already had these things established with their online personas, making for rich individual branding. Midge embodied a more gritty, black and white aesthetic and Robie was high fashion, polished, and in color. 

With this in mind, we felt we could juxtapose the creative direction in multiple ways. For all of Midge's scenes, we embraced some more gritty in reality feelings, being all black and white and wishing for a world in color. where Robie was in the studio with a lavish setting and items like the car. Kylie became a bridge of worlds, representing a character that could live and lust towards multiple lifestyles while presenting her own image and control over both.

Midge Exley | kylie

let's talk strategy


Managing high-volume projects comes with risks. So while this campaign looks beautiful, we work to make sure it's just as effective for our artists. MidgeRobie planned a marketing strategy to hit IG and redirect to YouTube. We wanted to give them content to support personal branding that can focus on the video's success.

Luckily they both already had a strong understanding of who they were and how each piece could play a role, so when we handed over a music video, 60+ stills optimized for IG, four teasers, and 70 behind-the-scenes images, they hit the ground running.

The video's reception was one we were very proud to be a part of, receiving 10K in views the first month and lots of positive comments coming from their retargeting strategy on IG. 

Outside of data metrics, it's been a blast watching them grow individually even beyond our involvement, partnering with good friend and highly talented videographer Vince Lundi to bring supportive and cohesive visuals to the Midge Robie brand.

We can't wait to see what's next for the MR team.


Shot on RED Scarlet W + Rokinon Glass + 1/8 + 1/4 Pearlescent Filtration

Supported through Wireless Video (Teradek)

Arri Skypanels + KinoFlo Lighting + Aputure 300X + Projector

Studio: Ohio HD

On-Location: Serif Creative




Ross Theisen | Art Director + Director

Josh Emerick | DP, Producer + Editor

Taylor Tigner | Studio Manager + AC

Trevor O'neil | Grip, Gaff + Electric

Carter Smith | PA + BTS

Ally Gille | Model as "Kylie"

the deliverables

176 deliverables

1 music video

4 teasers

82 Stills, 19 GIFs,  & 70 BTS images



JECP is honored to work with talented artists, serve great experiences, and make ideas possible. In working with us, you have grown our small business, continued our operations, provided freelancers jobs, helped serve our vendors, and allowed our footprint on your musical journey. We love the work we do, appreciate the artists who trust us, and want to keep moving this business onward.


Thank you,


Josh & Ross


Our leadership embodies "asking why" and embracing the exciting and challenging conversations that drive relationships forward.

Understanding our partner's needs is our foundation. We remain open-minded to ensure people's viewpoints are heard, cultivating the best projects consistently.


There's a lack of accountability, ethics, and gatekeeping within the music industry.

We do honest work with clear intentions; ethics are king in our decision-making.

We believe this leads to personal trust and the healthiest work setting, community, and vulnerability. 


We partner with those who value a focus on growth, sustainability, and proactive momentum.

These efforts make for win-win-win scenarios, celebrating success together. The success of each artist and creative supports the success of the next. We make each play one at a time, realizing the long game takes a group effort by our team and our clients. 

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