Simple values finder, business goal setting, culture developer and client aligner.

Two sessions + PDF

$350 FEE

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BASE package + Monthly follow-ups twice a month for a minimum of 6 months

Two sessions + PDF x Monthly


currently 50% off

consulting services

Building your business takes a tremendous amount of effort. In the beginning, we creatives are focused on better technic, tools, ideas, and rarely focus too much on business other than getting the next client. This can lead to burning out, misdirection, or poor client experience.

My focus is heavily on systems, processes, goal setting, team culture, client experience, and manifesting creativity through time management. Being a chronic workaholic for my first 7 years in the business I've learned the value of work-life balance, measuring time, and defining measurable goals that move my business forward.

I'm passionate about meeting and forming new relationships and enjoy talking shop with other business owners to help grow them internally and find their true uniqueness in their business.

Consulting with me can happen in two capacities. You can choose a one-time plan BASE that includes a deep dive into you, your business, and where you hope to take it with a follow-up PDF breakdown with goals, values and actionable tools to eliminate repetitive activities to open up more creativity.

The second option is the initial plan plus monthly accountability and follow-up course correction MONTHLY. This plan allows us to refine and re-work areas of your strategy and to form a deeper mentor relationship.

Lets reach goals together.

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get to know me first

Here are a few podcasts I've been a guest on that paint a better picture of who I am, my values, and my personality. 

01: The Ambitious Filmmaker Podcast

Building Balance in Life and Work

02: What You Don't Hear Podcast

How to Handle Conflict

03: What You Don't Hear Podcast

Creating a Good Client Experience





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